Seeing 11:11 – A Global Vision

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Towards the end of 2010 I awoke one morning to a compelling and vivid vision. Since this is something that doesn’t happen every day (to me anyway) it seemed like a good idea to take notice : ) What I saw was a spiral of positive energy/intention circling the planet and growing every day. This energy was being generated by a group of people wherever the clocks on the planet were showing 11:11…

Now I was pretty sure someone had already started a “project” to create this as it was such a great idea … but initially I didn’t find anyone, so set about putting together “Seeing 11:11 – A Global Vision” (, focused on building the energy for 11/11/11. Of course  the “others” appeared – Steven from Wave 11:11 (the visionary who had begun the 11/11 wave in 2007), as well as some other great collaborators.

11/11/11 was an epic day !!

Now here we are in 2015, seeing the World situation escalate before our eyes. But WE are NOT powerless. There’s something we CAN do …. <3

Lots more people are seeing 11:11 and many more are awake and aware. It’s very clear that’s it’s time for another WAVE. So here we GO ….

Some questions you may be Asking …

Why at 11:11 ?

Numbers are not just symbols. They are entities with their own energy and vibration. Master numbers – sequences of double or triple numbers – increase the impact of the vibration of the individual digits and are very powerful and sacred.

The number 1 is all about beginnings so 11:11 is a magnification of that energy.

Many people know to make a wish or focus on an intention when they see 11:11 and that is perfect because the energy to create something new is there, supported by the numbers themselves. 11:11 brings with it an opening, a great opportunity for us to focus on what we want to create. There’s lots more information about this on

Seeing 11:11 – A Global Vision

11:11 is also an “awakening code” and “seeing 11:11” is an experience that so many of us are sharing now … so why not put this shared experience to practical use as the awake and empowered creators we are.

And since so many people “see 11:11”, many of you won’t even have to think about remembering to connect in. Either join in when you see it OR set your alarm for 11:11 .. it’s up to you.

How do I imagine and feel PEACE ?

The most important thing is to feel a peaceful energy when you connect in to the Wave, as we create by attracting energetically what we put out.

If you have a clear vision of what peace “looks like” to you then it may help you connect with those feelings.

Otherwise here are some ideas:

  • Simply spend a minute or two breathing consciously and deeply
  • Try counting backwards from 100 as you breathe … a great way to still and distract the mind
  • Allow yourself to receive the energy of the wave itself. With so many people creating the energy of PEACE there’s plenty to share. In this way we can support and uplift each other
  • Focus on “feeling” the words that evoke what PEACE means to you. For example … freedom, acceptance, non-judgement, allowing, unconditional love, security, trust, tranquility, empowerment, joy, celebration … and many more you can add for yourself.
  • Ask your guides for help. When you are seeing 11:11 who do you think is helping get your attention ? They are right there. Our guides/angels are working with us to create this wave and if we ask they can do so much more..

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING US … please connect with us on social media (FacebookTwitter and Pinterest) and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE …

With love and gratitude

Julie Ann

ps if you’d like to read about my own awakening journey with numbers … click here !!