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Julie walks her talk.  She follows her path, inner callings, aligned with her purpose.  She is an inspiration and a beautiful mentor for many

Jane, Singapore

Julie, your gift is your voice!! You have a wonderful ability to explain something that is considered by many as complex, in such an easy and simple way. Your capability to help people like me understand who they are, without doubt, is second to none. You deliver each thought provoking message with such positivity, clarity, passion and compassion that it brings out ones natural determination, focus, excitement, joy and yes .... immense beautiful gratitude!

Helen, Singapore

Julie is one of the most authentic and compassionate people I have ever met. She is a wonderful guide on my personal journey and hold’s space for my authentic self to shine and the remembering of all that I am. I see Julie as a bridge between past, present and future and a shepherd of souls in this exciting time when so many of us as shifting into new levels of being, receiving and sharing. I can’t recommend Julie enough for anyone looking for gentle guidance on their journey. 

Natalia, Singapore

I am Grateful to have found your workshop because it opened the door that was waiting to be opened. 

Anita, Australia

I love it! I feel a stronger connection to myself and the universe and also felt welcomed home by soul family which feels magnificent.

Lisa, USA

Since starting the processes I have felt more peaceful, calm and open minded

Evania, Singapore

I have had a positive change in mental outlook. I've gone back to noticing the extraordinary magic moments in every day life. I feel the love in my heart heart again. I can feel it expanding.

Jackie, Australia

I feel guided with your soothing tone… a gentle hand that leads the herd to greener pastures.   I have learnt and experienced so much from your guided meditations. Thank you beautiful.

Hamidah, Norway.

I have noticed a lot of changes over the past few weeks.  I noticed myself feeling more motivated, more stimulated almost on a cellular level.  Wanting to find out more – feeling more connected to the universe as a whole and more excited about moving forward.  … If there is one word for me to take away it is INSPIRED

Michele, Singapore

You are such a lovely host, making sure you interact with everyone on the call, making feel everybody welcome. Thank you.

Monica, Romania

I loved the meditations, but also just listening to the information from Julie. Some of it, not new to me but a wonderful confirmation that I am on the right track. BUT majority of stuff WAS new to me and totally fascinating. Particularly loved the Law of Attraction stuff. I was a big "The Secret" fan .... all gung-ho in the beginning and then, "well it doesn't work for me". Julie shed light on WHY it felt it didn't work and how what the missing ingredients were.

Kelley, Singapore

I would recommend this workshop - it aides in support and love for anyone in the awakening / spiritual process who needs some love and guidance. It was beautiful.

Gabriella, USA

I will be listening to these 3 sessions and especially the meditations for a long time to come.

Sandra, UK

I have really enjoyed being part of such a supportive group energy so beautifully created by you. You really do have a special knack for bringing people like minded people together in such a warm and welcoming environment, … I was a bit unsure about how this could be created in a webinar series but it really feels like we connected, almost as if we are in the same room.

Thank you!

Karen, Singapore

i am so much happier. I feel better and over all it seems easier to be positive then negative. It's been easier to ground.

Tammy, USA