Why it’s so very important to Dream

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As Tony Robbins says “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”.
And it’s not just about the actions we take ..
Most people keep on creating the same kinds of situations for themselves over and over without realizing they are doing it.
We create our own reality by our focus and the energy/frequency we put out into the world. And what most of us are focused on is the ‘reality’ around us.
We simply react to what is happening without awareness, and as a result we keep sending out the same kind of energy and attracting similar experiences (via the Law of Attraction).
This is great if you love everything about your life, but for most of us there’s either a little or a lot we’d loveto change.
To do this we need to send out a different frequency. Kind of like changing the dial on our radio to a new station. And this is where dreaming, imagination or ‘visualisation’ come in.
It has been scientifically proven that our energy systems react the same way to a vividly imagined experience as they do to something that is happening in our ‘reality’, therefore we can change the energy we are sending out instantly by simply imagining something that makes us feel better. And when we purposely choose to think (and FEEL POSITIVELY) about the things we want, we start to attract them into our physical world.
It’s important to work out why you want the experience or thing you wish to create and express this in terms of FEELINGS so that you get to the very ESSENCE of what it means to you. Most likely you want to feel more happiness, love, freedom, security, peace etcThen from the very first time you take your focus away from ‘reality’ and start to imagine (while feeling the essence of what you WANT) you are already creating change. You are shifting your energy … your vibration … and feeling more positive emotion. That’s a wonderful manifestation in itself.
The more often you do this, the better you will feel, and the more ‘positive’ experiences will begin to show up for you.
So dream often, and never feel it’s an indulgence. It’s the dreamers, those who dared to ignore ‘reality’ and believe in other, greater possibilities who have advanced humanity … and at this pivotal time on our planet, as moore of us consciously align with the energy of our dreams we are changing not only our own lives, but the world, for the better.
with love,
Julie Ann

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