Practice, Practice, Practice !!

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For me a daily practice is the key to staying balanced, centred and happy. It’s called a practice because to make a change in our habitual thinking (and feeling) we do need to practice it.
It doesn’t have to be complicated … you don’t have to become a master of meditation to start to feel the benefits …
Here are some ideas (please feel free to add more in the comments below)…
* Visualise (and feel positively about) your dreams for a few minutes
* Write a gratitude journal daily (list 10 things you are grateful for and why)
* Listen to a guided visualization or meditation
* Do energy self healing (reiki, jin shin jyutsu etc)
* Practice Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gung
* Meditate
* Etc etc
In these amazing but turbulent times it’s more important than ever to stay centred and connected but it’s also often when we forget, or don’t feel motivated to practice … however the rewards are definitely worth the effort.
Julie Ann

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