Positivity is Powerful

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It really IS.
But for many of us it’s hard to believe that it really can BE as simple as this … that just by consciously choosing to be more positive we can dramatically change our lives and our world.
For our intellectually trained minds this really does seem way too easy, and to be honest, kind of naïve. We love to explain everything, even spiritual concepts at a theoretical level. There are techniques, stories, doctrines, rules, rituals etc etc etc. It’s how we have been conditioned.
But in the end let”s remember that spirituality is experiential and everything is simply energy.
So where does positive thinking come in?
Since all thoughts and emotions carry a frequency, what you are thinking about (and therefore feeling about) affects your vibration. Joyful and loving thoughts have a higher frequency while angry, depressive and fearful thoughts are lower in vibration.
The aim of the spiritual journey is to raise your vibration .. and there are many ways to do this, but thinking more positively, more often, is going to play a huge part in this.
The vibration you put out is what attracts life events to you via the Law of Attraction. So thinking more positively attracts better and better experiences into your world.
The effects are twofold. Not only do you FEEL better because you are thinking better feeling thoughts, but you are also creating a ‘better’ life .. And the whole thing spirals from there.
There are those who say .. But isn”t it denial to not think about the ‘bad stuff’ ?
When you understand the laws of the universe you begin to realise that focusing on and fighting against what you don’t want only strengthens it. Energy flows where attention goes!
When you can focus on the perceived ‘negative’ from a more positive and ‘higher’ space however, amazing things happen.
Suddenly that ‘bad stuff’ may not seem quite so terrible after all. New perceptions and insights emerge. Perhaps you can even see the gift of the lessons being brought to you. In other words a transformation of that energy can occur.
Whereas visiting that dark place when you are feeling negative simply serves to activate that vibration all over again. Do it consistently and guess what? You are going to start attracting similar events.
It takes a level of mastery to begin to notice your negative thinking and especially to choose to think differently. To begin with, even a few minutes a day spent visualizing with positive emotion will begin to shift your energy. Guided visualizations like the free ones on the website can also help. You might like to try “Connecting with your Inner JOY”
It’s only 8 minutes long and you will feel great long afterwards.
So let’s have fun investigating the stories. Remembering who we are, and why we are here at this amazing time on planet earth.
But let’s also remember… in the end it”s all just energy and much can be healed in the here and now by something as simple BUT POWERFUL as choosing to think more positively.

♥ Julie Ann

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