The Sacred Feminine Journey part 3

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The next part of what has turned out to be a Sacred Feminine journey took us right into the heart of the Mary Magdalene legacy in the South of France. We began with the Basilica in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume (see photo) which is dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and houses a crypt which is said to contain her bones. The energy in the Basilica called us so strongly that we had two long visits there (and yes I do believe it is her). Quite synchronistically on our second visit we got to witness a wedding in the church, which made the visit feel really special. The music was so beautiful … Beethoven’s Song of Joy echoing through the Basilica. How Perfect !!
Mary was said to have died in a cave or “grotto” in the region. Some legends/channels say she lived there. Others say she used it as her sacred space or even a teaching space. It’s hard to imagine any of this (a cave? seriously?) until you visit this grotto .. which of course we did. What a magnificent space with a stunning view and beautiful energy. There is now a church built around the grotto and I was amazed at how respectfully the space was treated. After visiting many churches which are tourist sites throughout France it was clear this one was revered by those who made the trek (did I mention the TREK ?? J) up to visit it. Hardly a camera in sight (mine included sorry).
We then headed to Avignon where many of the Popes lived at one time (and where there is a pont/bridge that was built due to the divine visions of a shepherd named Benezet).
There is a beautiful figure on the spire of the Basilica in Avignon which is said to be the Virgin Mary .. but this did not feel right to us. A quick google confirmed our suspicions and we found that this “may have” actually been “Saint Martha” (Mary Magdalene’s sister). More importantly perhaps … further clicks brought up links to a church in nearby Tarascon where Martha’s remains were reportedly housed. Martha was said to have traveled to France with Mary and her children after the crucifixion though the story given in the legends surrounding the church is of course a little different.
It wasn’t until we were driving past Tarascon on our way to Pont du Gard that Reena and I both suddenly had the urge to head there. And we were so glad we did. A beautiful church with a crypt, sarcophagus and many paintings of Martha, Mary and Jeshua. Who knew ? You never know where you will end up on a sacred journey
It felt good to pay a visit to this beautiful woman. A respected teacher in her own right.
At this point .. you begin to wonder how everyone does not know this powerful story with the evidence planted all over France in plain sight !! Real people who lived through an incredible time in our history. Influential revolutionary women !! It’s definitely time for this truth to become more widespread.
It was after we drove away from this church that we saw this cloud that looks like a dove (or perhaps an angel). In the photo from Mary’s Basilica I’ve shared here the main spire carries a simple image of a beautiful white dove. So it seemed very symbolic to me when that cloud appeared. Goosebumps …
The Sacred Feminine journey continued in Lourdes (Posts following).

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