The Sacred Feminine Journey Part 2

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See earlier blog post for Part 1 J

The day following 8/8/8 we visited Montsegur (see photo) where the last stand of the Cathars took place. The Cathars were followers of the “true teachings” of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene and those at Montsegur were burned on a pyre as “heretics” (but not before, as legend has it, some scaled the cliffs … how on earth they did it defies belief … to escape with a special treasure … the holy grail perhaps ?).
One story says they took with them a book containing the gospel of Jeshua himself and finally hid it at Montserrat Monastery, high in the hills near Barcelona.
My son and I visited this incredible monastery a few days ago … Montserrat is also famous for sightings of Mother Mary (we visited the cave where she has allegedly appeared). A very special place with amazing energy …
What an incredible journey so far … and more to come.
So why are we sometimes called to be at specific locations, and often at a certain time or during a particular planetary alignment ?
Often WE carry unique vibrations/codes that open up information or energy in these places. You could imagine that in past incarnations you “buried” energetic information or clues for yourself to come back and recover.
And at these sites we can receive information/frequencies from the earth, the akasha if you will, that is meant for us, and for humanity. Often we will receive this information subtly and it will reveal itself to us in divine timing.
So if you feel called to be in a certain location always take the time to connect firstly with the earth and then with the “heavens”. Then come back into your centre, your heart. In this way you are like a “conduit” between heaven and earth. The 888 meditation I posted during the week is a great way to do this.
The First time I encountered these powerful places I was unprepared for the download I received and it nearly knocked me out J so do connect in consciously.
Often we are also called to clear the past drama/karma and restore balance to the places we visit. If you visit somewhere a tragedy took place, for example, the method I like to use is ho’oponopono. Connect to the earth and the sky as described above and then repeat:
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you
Over and over …
… while radiating love and gratitude.
Bring the energy back into balance, into oneness.
It’s important to note that sacred places are not only the well known sacred sites, but anywhere You feel a calling to be. There are many secret sacred spots on the earth waiting to be connected with and I know many of you already sense you are guardians of the places you live in or visit.
In the next few days Reena and I will be visiting some other Mary Magdalene sites. Will share more soon.

Much Love Julie Ann
Ps extra special big thanks to Heather for driving us safely through the mountains .. on the “wrong” side of the road .. and for being an amazing Goddess all round.

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