The Sacred Feminine Journey Part 1

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As many of you know I recently went on a trip following the Divine Feminine trail in Sacred France. I wrote about the trip on facebook and have decided to save the information here in blog form for anyone who is interested. There are several posts following this one which was written on August 14th 2015 … enjoy the journey …
This trip started out as a holiday as I’ll explain below.
Sacred journeys often start out this way for me … I will be heading somewhere, and then the trip takes on a “life of its own”.
Anyway … this trip was planned long ago when I decided to meet my son in Barcelona as part his gap “year” travels. The second part of my trip was to be spent with good friends in Italy while my son travels on to London.
A couple of months ago an incredibly cheap flight deal from Singapore to Barcelona came up so I booked and … the trip was set in motion. The only problem was that a couple of days later my friends let me know that due to visa issues they would not be able to stay in Italy at that time.
The friend who emailed me from Italy was very upset but said … “I know you will say it’s for a reason”.
And as much as I was sad not to see them … I had to agree with her because … it usually is
The very night before this email I had been looking at where else my son and I could travel in the Barcelona region. I am hopeless at Geography … so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I realized we were so close to what I would call the “Magdalene trail” in the Languedoc region, in the South of France. So I messaged another good friend who lives in London (we had always planned to go to Languedoc together) and said “want to meet me there in mid August?” And … as destiny would have it … she said Yes and she arrived yesterday.
Now … at the time of booking the trip it did not occur on me that I would be “away” for 8/8/8 but .. once I realised .. as there are no accidents .. I began to “ask” where we should be on that date. This is where it gets really fun.
Only a couple of weeks ago I was skyping with another friend Heather, who is also based in the UK … and we started to talk about my trip and 8/8/8. We had been on adventures together before and Heather was feeling a strong call to do something on this date. Before I knew it she had booked flights for the 7th and hired a car for the weekend. “I’ll pick you guys up in Barcelona. Where are we heading ?” she asked ? Lol.
I never cease to be amazed by the miracles that unfold when you follow your heart and show up. Others appear and the path unfolds. You don’t have to see the whole journey .. just trust, take one step at a time and let it flow (let me add here that my trip began with a totally out of the blue upgrade and lots of other fun synchronicities … so I knew it was going to be a big one ).
Anyway … back to the story. Suddenly it became crystal clear where we were to head to. Even though we were to be so close to the Magdalene region for 8/8/8 I did not realise until recently that many were also calling this the “Magdalene portal”. Goosebumps at that one… you can’t make this stuff up !!
But the Magdalene portal it was … and so on 8/8/8 we were at Arques where the gospel of Mary Magdalene was reportedly discovered, and then at Rennes-Le-Chateau where there is a special church and tower dedicated to Mary Magdalene (if you wish to know more about this I highly recommend “The Expected One” by Kathleen McGowan).
For those who are wondering what Langeudoc, France has to do with Mary Magdalene … it is known by many that she settled here with her children after the crucifixion, continued her ministry here, and that there are many from her bloodline here in the region. This 8/8/8 was a time to bring the true balance of the sacred feminine back … and the truth that Mary Magdalene was also a leader in “the church” and a teacher in her own right .. as well as the wife and equal partner of Jeshua. Can you imagine how the world will change when this knowing becomes part of the mass consciousness ?
I am feeling called to share this adventure for several reasons. I have been doing this sacred work for about 10 years now (along with many others) but it has never been something I have shared widely. However this time there is information that needs to be revealed and energy that is being transmitted via these posts. I also believe many of you are either already undertaking or about to start being called to this type of journey as well.
If this is of interest to you please read on in the following posts.

With much love
Julie Ann

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