YOU were born to stand out !!

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note to self - 1
How many times have you seen a quote like this on social media, LIKED it (maybe really liked the idea of it) … but haven’t actually thought about how to “apply” it in your everyday life ? This message ALWAYS gets lots of likes, and is a great thought to carry around with you and pop into your head when required … … for example … … next time you’re having a meltdown about what to wear to a social event or … (not) looking forward to that family dinner where everyone thinks you’re nuts … or … … remind yourself (a few times) that you were born to Stand Out !! Why AM I trying so hard to fit in When I was born to STAND OUT ? You’ll immediately FEEL so much better … and so much more confident … and so much more YOU. Try it and let me know what happens Love, Julie Ann ps no Bridget Jones bunny outfits required to make a statement … just YOU

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