We are living in EXTRAordinary times …

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extraordinary times - 1We truly are …

Sometimes we forget this as we try to go about our everyday lives, often trying to do things the way we have always done them. But things ARE different and much is happening on an energetic level. Given that we are experiencing the most incredible shift in the history of mankind it’s only to be expected that our lives might undergo “a few” changes 

We are often experiencing huge solar waves (these solar waves help usher in the light required for our transformation) and other planetary aspects which can make you feel hyper-energised, buzzy, exhausted, headachy, anxious, angry or all of the above (and more). And of course the effects are amplified when everyone else is also behaving erratically….

So rather than beating ourselves up about how we are feeling or acting, it’s important to remember what is REALLY going on and give ourselves a BREAK !!

Give yourself permission to listen to your intuition and body rather than forcing yourself to stick to your regular routine. Meditate, rest, sleep more, eat what feels good and FEEL grateful for these wave of energy and all they are bringing to light. Remember it’s all good and no matter how it sometimes feels it truly is extraordinary to be here now (and ps we are all in this together).


Julie Ann

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