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A great way to stay connected with me and my work is through my social media communities. If You are Looking for A Sign, This is it is a magical page where people often comment that it’s like the posts are speaking to them directly. Lots of guided divine timing and magic involved  Seeing 11:11 ~ A Global Vision is all about the number sequences and signs so many of us are seeing daily. There’s also lots of planetary information and at the core the reminder to connect with positive energy whenever you “see 11:11”. I’m also active on twitter. You can follow me at julieannsigns or keepseeing1111.

How to stop worrying … and why it”s a really good idea !

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DON’T WORRY…. Easier said than done when you’re a chronic worrier, right ? But consider this. Not only does worry not solve anything .. it actually directs energy towards the very thing we are worrying about (since energy flows where attention goes). But before you start worrying about THAT : ) … keep reading … If we are able to shift our attention away from the problem by focusing on anything that makes us feel happier, not only do we immediately stop directing energy towards the issue, but we often open the space for a solution to reveal itself. So here is a really simple way to do this: Every time you find yourself worrying about a future event, replace your worrisome thoughts with this “mantra” : “I don’t have to think about this right now”. Because you actually don’t. And as you say this to yourself you will begin […]

Why it’s so very important to Dream

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As Tony Robbins says “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”. And it’s not just about the actions we take .. Most people keep on creating the same kinds of situations for themselves over and over without realizing they are doing it. We create our own reality by our focus and the energy/frequency we put out into the world. And what most of us are focused on is the ‘reality’ around us. We simply react to what is happening without awareness, and as a result we keep sending out the same kind of energy and attracting similar experiences (via the Law of Attraction). This is great if you love everything about your life, but for most of us there’s either a little or a lot we’d loveto change. To do this we need to send out a different frequency. Kind of like changing the […]

Practice, Practice, Practice !!

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For me a daily practice is the key to staying balanced, centred and happy. It’s called a practice because to make a change in our habitual thinking (and feeling) we do need to practice it. It doesn’t have to be complicated … you don’t have to become a master of meditation to start to feel the benefits … Here are some ideas (please feel free to add more in the comments below)… * Visualise (and feel positively about) your dreams for a few minutes * Write a gratitude journal daily (list 10 things you are grateful for and why) * Listen to a guided visualization or meditation * Do energy self healing (reiki, jin shin jyutsu etc) * Practice Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gung * Meditate * Etc etc In these amazing but turbulent times it’s more important than ever to stay centred and connected but it’s also often […]

Positivity is Powerful

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It really IS. But for many of us it’s hard to believe that it really can BE as simple as this … that just by consciously choosing to be more positive we can dramatically change our lives and our world. For our intellectually trained minds this really does seem way too easy, and to be honest, kind of naïve. We love to explain everything, even spiritual concepts at a theoretical level. There are techniques, stories, doctrines, rules, rituals etc etc etc. It’s how we have been conditioned. But in the end let”s remember that spirituality is experiential and everything is simply energy. So where does positive thinking come in? Since all thoughts and emotions carry a frequency, what you are thinking about (and therefore feeling about) affects your vibration. Joyful and loving thoughts have a higher frequency while angry, depressive and fearful thoughts are lower in vibration. The aim of […]

Magical Ho’oponopono

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One ‘tool’ I’ve been using A LOT lately on this roller coaster ride into the new is ho’oponopono – an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. which involves repeating the following ‘mantra’: I’m sorry Please forgive me I love you Thank you This seemingly simple set of statements is so very powerful and can be used in so many situations. Generally it is used to transform the energy around events and relationships with other people, but we can also use this magical mantra ‘on ourselves’. There are many reasons why this is a perfect practice for ‘now’ but before I give you my understanding of why that is … I really encourage you to EXPERIENCE it for yourself. So choose one of the following to work with… An area in your body in which you are feeling pain or discomfort OR An emotion you are feeling that is ‘negative’ […]

YOU were born to stand out !!

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How many times have you seen a quote like this on social media, LIKED it (maybe really liked the idea of it) … but haven’t actually thought about how to “apply” it in your everyday life ? This message ALWAYS gets lots of likes, and is a great thought to carry around with you and pop into your head when required … … for example … … next time you’re having a meltdown about what to wear to a social event or … (not) looking forward to that family dinner where everyone thinks you’re nuts … or … … remind yourself (a few times) that you were born to Stand Out !! Why AM I trying so hard to fit in When I was born to STAND OUT ? You’ll immediately FEEL so much better … and so much more confident … and so much more YOU. Try it and […]

We are living in EXTRAordinary times …

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We truly are … Sometimes we forget this as we try to go about our everyday lives, often trying to do things the way we have always done them. But things ARE different and much is happening on an energetic level. Given that we are experiencing the most incredible shift in the history of mankind it’s only to be expected that our lives might undergo “a few” changes. We are often experiencing huge solar waves (these solar waves help usher in the light required for our transformation) and other planetary aspects which can make you feel hyper-energised, buzzy, exhausted, headachy, anxious, angry or all of the above (and more). And of course the effects are amplified when everyone else is also behaving erratically…. So rather than beating ourselves up about how we are feeling or acting, it’s important to remember what is REALLY going on and give ourselves a BREAK […]